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One of the biggest expenses in the retail industry is rent. The rent is directly proportional to the area (square meter) covered by your store. For this reason, you need to maximize the profit (money) per square meter. To achieve this, you should either narrow the store space or increase sales or even profitable sales. Although there are many different techniques (campaign, etc.) to increase sales, it is possible to increase the sales by dynamically managing the availability of each product (brand) and its space on the shelves according to profitability and / or speed.

Store capacity, shelves or space are mostly fixed. You can decide which product or brand and how much you should include in this area by traditional methods or find the truth with the power of data and mathematics.

By analyzing, modeling and optimizing sales in stores, we find out which product (brand) should be included in which store in the future and how much it will increase the profitability of the store as a result.

We are still developing our product. Here is sample dashboard of our first MVP.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon